NixOS for the confused – Intermission Report!

Okay! First, thank you for swinging by, and I do hope you find this helpful. Second, many thanks to the /r/NixOS peeps for the feedback. Third, even though we are all children of Chaos, fighting high entropy is in our nature. In order to bring a smidge of order to this thing, the damn files were pushed to the Codeberg repo. Every time we finish a part of the series, I’ll push the final configs to Codeberg so you can just clone or copy. I am following along myself with a fresh NixOS install, so the code (can you call that code?) is known to work. I guess. Obviously, if I do something stupid, you are more than welcome to open a pull request.

The configs we’re written so far are in the part1 directory for your viewing pleasure(?). I did some refactoring, and I'll change the previous posts to reflect that.

So, to recap:

I do not have an account with a certain bird site, but you can find me at:

Next! We do something very dumb: setup Hyprland. Stay tuned!

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